Friday, May 20, 2011

Donate to a Great Cause, Local Business

To my fellow artists and illustrators-

I'm working on a mural in the children's trauma area of the Community Counseling Center in Portland with a few other artists, and was hoping as an extra help, to gather some artwork and children's books to donate as well. They recently moved into this brand new location and have many bare walls. They need art for both the adult and children's areas. If you have any prints you'd be willing to donate (unmatted, unframed, older work, is all fine!) or children's books you've written or illustrated (signed would be extra special!) please contact me directly at

There's an open house for the new facility on June 16th. We'll have the mural completed by this time and I was hoping to gather the art before then, too.

Any size, 2D works only, and please choose art that reflects the manner of the facility (wellness, positivity, dark and gloomy images!)

Thanks so much! Hope you can help this great place!  :)