Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bailey Portrait

In memory of miss Bailey
8"x10" Oil on Canvas

I completed this pet portrait recently as a commission. Still new at pet portraits, but I really enjoy doing them. I want the pet to portray it's personality the best I can, or as much as I can through using just a photo or two of them.  I've used oils for both dogs that I've painted for clients, and I really like how many textures I can achieve with them. I'll probably do some in the future with watercolor and pen, my usual tools, to try some different styles, but oil paint is always a really fun change of pace for me.
Also, Bailey's family was really happy with how she came out.  It felt great being able to do this piece for them of their cherished pup.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Client website

I am no web designer (it's not easy getting these things up and running!) but I took my first stab at it for a client of mine, "Life's Healthy Pleasures". We needed  to create a simple, informational platform for potential new clients, as well as any consumers interested in learning more about the company. A couple of years ago, I designed the branding for "Life's healthy Pleasures" as well as the logo for the vending services, "Good on the Go", and the design of the vending machines themselves. Check out my first website here! It was a great learning experience and will hopefully do more now that I've learned the basics!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advanced Copy of Down East Book!

Had an unexpected ring at the doorbell today from UPS, and this is what I found!

Down East in the Ocean--in stores this May!

Back jacket

This is my second book and I'm really excited about it and happy with how it turned out! I can't wait until it's published in May. This book was so much fun to do, was a fast turnaround, but well worth the late nights and hard work. 

An extra fun aspect for me is that Down East in the Ocean was written by Connie & Peter Roop. They are the authors of many, many, books...including one in particular that I grew up with and simply adored, Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie. 
Fun fact: First publication was the year I was born!

Pretty cool how life will give you a little wink and a nudge like that every once in a while.