Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing- Red Shed Honey!

This is a delicious logo that I recently completed for my clients, who also happen to be some long time friends!  This new honey business is located in Scarborough, Maine, where three wonderful folks are making the most delicious honey with their busy little honey bee family.  Red Shed Honey is available for purchase now through the family directly, and will soon be for sale in stores and markets locally here in Southern Maine.  As soon as I have more info on details of where and when, I will be sure to share that info with you all.  Believe me, it's amazing stuff, you're going to want to go get some of this sweet local goodness!  I will also share their website and Facebook contact info as soon as those are up and running, as well.

When we started the logo design process, beekeepers Gretchen, Margo and Miguel invited me out to the "red shed" to check out their process and see the honey harvesting first hand.  It was so interesting and fun to see it all in action––not to mention getting to taste the first batch of this deep red bamboo honey and chew on the waxy, sugary, honeycomb bits!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Community Counseling Center, Rock Path Commission

This is one of the big--literally, big--projects that I was working on in October! I was contacted by the always amazing folks at the Community Counseling Center here in Portland.  Me and my sister, sister-in-law and several friends and family members, including my mom, worked on a mural here at CCC last summer (read more about that project here!). It was a really fun experience volunteering to make this room a bright, welcoming, and safe space for kids to meet with their counselors when they come in.  It was a great success, and we were all so thrilled at the response that it has received!

CCC Mural 2011
I was happy to hear from CCC again, regarding a commissioned art piece for another wall in the kids' wing.  This is a piece that they had been looking forward to creating for several years, so I was honored that they thought of me to work with them in making it happen.  The concept is part of a program that they offer for youths of all ages, and when each person completes the program, they receive two polished stones: one to keep, and one for CCC to keep.  On these two stones, participants wrote a word or two, or drew a small image, whatever they chose to represent their feelings after "graduating" from the program.  The Community Counseling Center wanted to arrange the stones in a path-like formation, where participants of the program could leave their stones as part of the on-going path toward healing and hope.

We settled on a design that would incorporate water, as well as the path itself, with larger "stepping stones" surrounded by the kids' smaller stones.

It's quite large, on a plywood board measuring 3.5' x 4'.  I started by prepping the board white and drawing out the general plan in pencil.  Then I went in with the background painting; we wanted something that would act as a piece of art on its own, while more stones could be added through the years.

For the large "stepping stones", I carved the shapes from styrofoam, prepped with Gesso and painted them to look like rocks.

Then, using a template of printed words that I typed up using some key words chosen by a CCC project leader, I painted the words onto the stones in white. "Hope–Healing–Community." I traced over the words on top of a layer of transfer chalk, pushing down to get a template transferred onto the styrofoam, which also embossed it a bit.

I used a pebbled/stone textured spray paint for the background of the path itself, which gave it some nice texture.  I went over it after it dried, sponging some darker and brown areas for variation and depth into the distance.

Taped off painted areas before pebble spray was applied.

Once the ground texture was sprayed and the rocks were placed, I painted some more stepping stones going off into the distance to complete the path.

It was quite moving to read all the words and see the images that the program participants had shared.  It really is such a reflection of the amazing work being done there, and the strength and support provided by the staff at CCC, and it was an honor to be a part of this project.

I used white molding to create the frame, then glued on all the large faux rocks and small stone mementos to create the community-built path.  The smaller stones fill in the path around the large message rocks, and the ones we had so far were placed in groupings, demonstrating how they will be able to fill in more wherever they'd like, as the program continues on.

I delivered the piece today, and was so happy to see how much the staff liked it and appreciated it! I don't have a full image to share, above is the best I could do from home. I hope to update with a photo of it hanging in the kids' wing when it is up!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi everyone! I feel like it's been such a long time since my last post, 
I think it's been a couple of months! 

It doesn't mean that I haven't had any new interesting projects to share, it's the opposite! I've been super busy lately with lots of new work and just haven't had a moment to post about them. I'll be sharing a couple of them very soon, once they have been finalized and turned in to their recipients/clients. Some are gifts, others commissions and graphic design jobs. A little bit of everything this past month.

I've also been very busy on a new children's book!! I shared the news on Facebook, but not on this blog––oops!

I'm working with wonderful Little Beach Books again, the publisher of My Maine. The next one is called My Massachusetts, and I've been working away at the sketches for this new book over the past month or so. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to be able to share some images with you all soon. The book will be available in early summer of 2013, so mark you calendars! It's going to be a fun tour around Massachusetts by a young boy and his little Boston Terrier friend, covering everything from Martha's Vineyard to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Boston to Salem, and more!

More posts coming soon!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Signing this Saturday!

 Incase you needed another reason 
to come to the book signing at 
Lovely Things this Saturday--

We'll have sea glass themed cupcakes by Chefette Toni!!

Saturday, Sept. 8th


Lovely Things 

Fore St., Portland, ME

I'll be signing copies of both Journey of the Sea Glass & Down East in the Ocean. Stay and have a sweet treat and do some shopping in this beautiful and unique store! See you there while supplies last! ;)

Books and shopping and cupcakes, oh my!

Friday, August 31, 2012

"Journey" Review in Parent & Family!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Parent & Family Magazine!

Journey of the Sea Glass was featured in a book review (page 9) by the wonderful "Reviewed by Mom" column! The magazine is free and can be found locally in Maine, with more information online at

We're also offering a "prize pack" giveaway for readers of Parent & Family, which includes:
Signed copy of Journey of the Sea Glass, 
Coloring pages & crayons,
Sea Glass Starter Kit.

To enter, simply visit their Facebook page and leave a comment sharing something that you enjoyed from this issue (the article about Journey of the Sea Glass, perhaps!?) before October 1st, when a winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!!

Read the article, below! (Click to enlarge)

Thank you Kristin and Parent & Family for a lovely review and for sharing my book with your readers! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We have a winner!

We hit and went over the 200 Likes on Facebook goal!
Thank you everyone for supporting NicoleFazioIllustration by liking my FB page

The winner of a free copy of Journey of the Sea Glass is..............

Erin Smith!

Enjoy, Erin!! Thank you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea Glass Starter Kits!

These are the brand new "Sea Glass Starter Kits" that I'll be selling along with the Journey of the Sea Glass books! I brought them to my most recent signing event at Longfellow Books in Portland, and they were a huge hit! I only had two left at the end of the day from the batch that I brought!

 I realized that some kids might not know what sea glass is, so I put together these collection kits. I thought it would be nice for kids to have their own special jar to bring to the beach, so that they can begin their own sea glass collection. There's also a little note in there, with a brief definition of sea glass. It makes for a nice little gift to present the book and the jar together! There are also a couple pieces of tumbled glass inside to start off the collection.

Kits contain: Small jar, tiny note with sea glass description and website to learn more,
 a few pieces of tumbled colored glass to get the collection started!
They're all handmade/assembled with love by yours truly...and apparently I need to get back to work and make more already!

So keep your eye out for these when you come to a signing! I'll try to have them stocked and ready (though not all locations will allow me to sell them through their stores). I'll make note of which events I'll have them at on the website's events page. 

Good deal, huh!
See you at the next one!
Currently they're only available in person. If you'd like to have one shipped to you, feel free to contact me, there will be a small shipping charge added.

There's still plenty of beach weather left this summer, so get out there and start collecting! Have fun!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Upcoming events!

Events this month:

L.L. Bean's Kids Fest
Saturday, August 11th
10:00 am-2:00 pm

Suzanne Buzby Hersey, author of My Maine and I will be there signing My Maine, among many other wonderful authors and illustrators--
Lynn Plourde and Ben Bishop, Brenda Reeves Sturgis, Don Carrigan, Robin Taylor Chiarello,                   Liza Gardner Walsh, Donn Fendler and Karen Pond.

Bring the kids for an all day event, full of face painting, crafts & activities, dancing, knot tying and other free lessons, Slugger the Sea Dog and more!

Book signing at Kennebooks
Wednesday, August 15th
10:30-11:30 am

Suzanne and I will be signing both My Maine, and Journey of the Sea Glass. We'll have free handouts and coloring activities for the kids, and will be signing and reading the books. Hope to see you there!

Book signing at Longfellow Books
Saturday, August 18th
1:00-3:00 pm

I'll be at Longfellow books in Monument Square in Portland signing Journey of the Sea Glass. I'll have free coloring pages for the kids, and also some Sea Glass Starter Kits available for sale (only $1!). Hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

First Summer Book Signings

I'm so happy that my newest children's book is being received so lovingly! It just came out last Monday and I've already had two very successful book signings, and have many more booked and in the works! It's fun to chat with people of all ages, local people who are always excited to wish a fellow Mainer good luck, and folks visiting from out of state enjoying Vacationland and doing some shopping. I thought I'd share some photos and fun from the first two signing for Journey!

First up was a perfect Friday evening at Motifs in Portland. It had been a hot hot week, but last Friday (July 20th) was cool, breezy, and sunny. I was just happy to be sitting outside for this one! I set up shop outisde the entrance of Motifs on Commercial Street, which is right on the bustling waterfront strip of the Old Port, near the boat warfs and lots of amazing food and shopping.

My book, nestled in so nicely with other sea glass themed items!

Motifs carries a beautiful mix of clothing, accessories, jewelry, home accents, and books and cards. Visitors will find lots of nautical and Maine-themed items, while locals enjoy the variety of clothing, shoes, and unique pieces on a regular basis. They also have a great little section of quality gifts for 
kids and perfect selection of classic and new children's books (above, bottom right)!

Even the mannequins were dressed in their best sea glass inspired attire! 
I was visited by several fabulous friends and family, and also met lots of wonderful people while chatting and signing books. I'm always particularly honored to receive great feedback from teachers and librarians--because they really know their stuff! I met quite a few preschool and early education teachers that day, who all said how much they like wordless picture books for that age, since the kids are too young to read, but enjoy creating their own stories. I hope their classes have fun with this one!

Me and my amazingly supportive big sis, Dani. She and Jen hardly ever miss a signing!
Overall, it was a really enjoyable and successful first signing, especially since the book had only hit stores just days before the event. We sold lots of copies of the book and got the word out, enjoyed the Maine summer weather, and hopefully made some new friends and fans, too!

Like my sea glass earrings? A sweet gift from Kate at Shoreside Chic.


Next, I headed to Belfast! 
Yup. We're in Maine! (This must be a beautiful drive in the fall, leaf peepers take note!)

The weekend of July 27, 28 & 29 is the "Belfast Bound Book Festival"! It's an amazing festival in which over 20 area shops and bookstores participate and host guest speakers (authors, illustrators, publishers), demonstrations, book signings, informational sessions and Q&A, readings, and more for both adults and children.

I was honored to be asked to join the festivities this year, and signed books from 2-4 on Friday (27th) at a wonderful store called, Beyond the Sea (creator of the book festival event!). They had lots of copies of both Journey of the Sea Glass and my second book, Down East in the Ocean, on hand, and I got to signing before I even had sat down and unpacked! That's always a good start!

Great sea glass collection of books and handmade local art!
My time slot was shared with some fabulous ladies. It was great meeting the very friendly and wonderful Nancy Griffin, author of Making Whoopies: The Official Whoopie Pie Book. There were also yummy locally made mini whoopie pies to taste! 

We were also joined by author Katie Clark, author of the children's book, Grandma Drove the Lobster Boat, and the rest of the "Grandma Drove" series, which are so entertaining and funny, and have lively and beautiful illustrations by Amy Huntington.
We were also visited by well known Maine author of dozens of cherished children's books, Lynn Plourde. She was just a few doors down at The Purple Baboon signing Lost Trail, (illustrated by Ben Bishop) the recent graphic novel adapted from the true story, Lost on a Mountain in Maine

The weather was just warm, which was a nice surprise, I was preparing myself for a raining day, but we lucked out. The store is so great; I bought myself a new good book to read, a card, and some caramels (I can't resist a good caramel!). I had to stop myself there, I would've bought up the whole store if I could! Perfect mix of a bookstore along with gifts, jewelry, pottery, sea glass arts, and more. I'll definitely be making another trip to Belfast, there were so many wonderful shops and galleries that I just didn't have time to stick around and explore that day. (Fall season-Christmas shopping, anyone?)

Tile coasters and pottery at Beyond the Sea.
Loved this linocut in a gallery window! Love it, want it.
It was a great day, and I was thrilled to be invited to be a guest at such a grand celebration of books! 

A huge thank you to Nanette (above) for having me,
and for dreaming up such a lovely event for book fans!
Photo credit: Thanks to Lynn Plourde's husband, Paul Knowles!

For upcoming events and signings of all three books, visit me on Facebook and keep checking this blog! And for Journey of the Sea Glass events, check out the new website for the book!

Thank you to eveyone who came to these events, it always means a lot 
to hear your kind words and feedback and meet you all in person!
Happy reading!