Thursday, November 29, 2012

Introducing- Red Shed Honey!

This is a delicious logo that I recently completed for my clients, who also happen to be some long time friends!  This new honey business is located in Scarborough, Maine, where three wonderful folks are making the most delicious honey with their busy little honey bee family.  Red Shed Honey is available for purchase now through the family directly, and will soon be for sale in stores and markets locally here in Southern Maine.  As soon as I have more info on details of where and when, I will be sure to share that info with you all.  Believe me, it's amazing stuff, you're going to want to go get some of this sweet local goodness!  I will also share their website and Facebook contact info as soon as those are up and running, as well.

When we started the logo design process, beekeepers Gretchen, Margo and Miguel invited me out to the "red shed" to check out their process and see the honey harvesting first hand.  It was so interesting and fun to see it all in action––not to mention getting to taste the first batch of this deep red bamboo honey and chew on the waxy, sugary, honeycomb bits!

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