Monday, August 20, 2012

Sea Glass Starter Kits!

These are the brand new "Sea Glass Starter Kits" that I'll be selling along with the Journey of the Sea Glass books! I brought them to my most recent signing event at Longfellow Books in Portland, and they were a huge hit! I only had two left at the end of the day from the batch that I brought!

 I realized that some kids might not know what sea glass is, so I put together these collection kits. I thought it would be nice for kids to have their own special jar to bring to the beach, so that they can begin their own sea glass collection. There's also a little note in there, with a brief definition of sea glass. It makes for a nice little gift to present the book and the jar together! There are also a couple pieces of tumbled glass inside to start off the collection.

Kits contain: Small jar, tiny note with sea glass description and website to learn more,
 a few pieces of tumbled colored glass to get the collection started!
They're all handmade/assembled with love by yours truly...and apparently I need to get back to work and make more already!

So keep your eye out for these when you come to a signing! I'll try to have them stocked and ready (though not all locations will allow me to sell them through their stores). I'll make note of which events I'll have them at on the website's events page. 

Good deal, huh!
See you at the next one!
Currently they're only available in person. If you'd like to have one shipped to you, feel free to contact me, there will be a small shipping charge added.

There's still plenty of beach weather left this summer, so get out there and start collecting! Have fun!

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