Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Friends!

I was in the Wells area the other day, so I decided to stop by the Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farms, a recent client of mine. I illustrated a three part children's educational workbook series for the Reserve, that leads kids on nature trails to learn about the animals, the environment, weather, habitats, all kinds of fun stuff. As part of the program, each trail/booklet has an animal "mascot" to lead the way. Trails are marked with the mascot image to correspond with the appropriate workbook for each trail. Here are my illustrated characters on a couple of the paths!

unofficially named "Doug" the Mummichog!

and "Penny" the Porcupine!

There's also a turkey hiding somewhere, but it was about 92° that afternoon and I had to end my search for him early, because I wasn't prepared for a 45 minute walk along the trail! I've got the mosquito bites to prove it...!

All images copyright Nicole Fazio 2009

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