Friday, September 2, 2011


Soo I decided that since I've rejoined the working world part time (got to pay those pesky bills) as well as a new big project and several smaller ones, 'my fabulous friends' will have to be a monthly treat instead of a weekly deal, for the sake of time..or lack there of. So watch for these uuber talented folks on the first Friday of each month and show them some love by checking out their websites!

Hello September! When did that happen?? Summer came and went so fast this year, but it sure was a good one, filled with lots of visits with friends and family from near and far, soaking up the Maine summer sun. We had one particularly awesome evening consisting of yummy flatbread pizza, summer ales, and lots of laughs, with a fabulous friend this summer--

Copyright © Anthony Crisafulli 2011

He's an incredibly talented photographer, who's currently based in Hartford, CT. His work ranges from people and places, to architectural photography (see where he is a photographer's assistant).  Tony is a fellow 2007 UHA graduate, and everyone who knows him knows what a dedicated and creative soul he is. Some of us were even fortunate enough to be subjects of his work! 
"The Girls in the 7's" 2007. Copyright © Anthony Crisafulli.
Above, my college roommates and I posed for our portrait in a series called "Proximity" (2007). 
This print hangs proudly in my studio and probably definitely always will!

Copyright © Anthony Crisafulli 2011

This gem below isn't in his official portfolio, I'm sure, but it certainly is one of the best polaroids ever taken (and he has taken a LOT of polaroids!): 
From the podium, 2007

Visit his website here to see more of his work:

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