Sunday, January 22, 2012

Website Updates

Wasn't feeling too hot today, so I took a little afternoon break from working on the book, but of course I can't just NOT work on anything, don't be silly. I took that time to update my site a bit! I purged it of old work that I didn't think was helping matters much, though some with sentimental value (work from college that at the time I thought was brag-worthy, now looking at it with a critical eye, realizing "eh".) were hard to click that "trash" it button. But I also added some newer pieces, and some even from a while back that I never included but thought might spruce up the ol' gallery. Updated my bio and added a photo (even though it's several years old now! To do list: #586 Have a new prof. photo taken for promotional materials!). I added a new section of "spot illustrations", as well, as I'm hoping to get more work in that sort of work these days. I really enjoy doing those little jobs, it's always fun and refreshing after working on a big project like the books for so long. I've still got more to do, like rearranging the order that viewers see them, and fixing that darn "shop" page. But I feel better about refreshing it for you all. Soon I'll have the cover for Journey of the Sea Glass on there, too, which is exciting!

Hope you take a few minutes to click around and tell me what you think!

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