Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Downeast in the Ocean" cover!

Hello! I haven't had a moment to post anything lately, as I've been super busy wrapping up my first book, My Maine, and working on the cover illustration of my next book, Downeast in the Ocean! It's been a crazy month or two to say the least, but all in the best possible way, so I really can't complain.

Here is the cover for Downeast in the Ocean, a counting book that will be out early next year!

Background done in watercolor with pen & ink, seals stippled in pen & ink


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BlueBirdie said...

Great work Nicole~! Love those cute seals!Will you have a book signing in the area when it comes out?

Nicole Fazio: Illustration & Design said...

Thank you so much! Christina, I'm not sure. The cover was done first, and the book will be done in December, so it won't be until early next year that it's out and about. But I'll be sure to keep everyone posted for sure :)