Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fabulous Friends Friday (Belated!)

OOPS! I've been so buried under my current book project that I totally spaced on Fabulous Friends Friday last week! So here it is, one Friday later!

This month I'd like you to meet my oh so very sweet friend, Toni Walton!

Toni and I sat side by side, or rather, back to back, in our senior illustration studio at the University of Hartford. She's one of the most genuinely nicest and happiest people I have ever known, and I'm so excited for her right now because she just opened up her very own BAKERY! We would often chat during our long days and late nights in the studio about our admiration for cake decorating, and love of shows like Ace of Cakes, and how fun it would be to apply design and illustration talents to cake design. Luckily for Toni, not only can she draw and paint and has an amazing eye for design, but she can cook and bake like a maniac!! Shortly after graduation, she was hired at Carlo's Bakery in NJ, where she worked as a cake decorator and could be seen on their reality tv show, Cake Boss. It was so fun to see her creations, and now she and her sister have opened Sweet T's Bakeshop in NJ. I wish it wasn't an eight hour drive, or I'd be there in a heartbeat devouring scones and muffins and cupcakes and pies and....yikes, drooling, better stop. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out!

Is that breathtaking or what? 

There's those illustration skillz!

Visit her website here to see more of her specialty cakes and full menu: http://www.
or click here to find Toni's bakery on Facebook.

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Bon Appetit!!

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