Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy World Penguin Day!

Well I saw on a fellow illustrator's Facebook page that today, April 25th, is World Penguin Day! Did you know that? I certainly didn't, but now we do! Penguins are my favorite, so what better excuse for a little blog post; I thought I'd share a few little penguins with you today.

The flip book is from many years ago; a little side project (called Moving Stationary) of flip book greeting cards that I started researching and made a batch of books, but never really had the time or money to put into full effect. Still like the idea and will hopefully look into it again someday! Anyway, this excited little penguin just wants to chill (har har har) with you. I had fun making it waddle :)


This one was given to me as a birthday gift in college, by a dear friend and magically talented [2D and 3D] illustrator, Sean Bixby. Everyone has always known about my love of penguins, it's no secret. The expression and personality captured in this little crafted bit of clay is just so great. I've always kept it in my studio to brighten up the mood. Like I said on my Facebook page about it, you better believe I'll be hanging on to this little guy forever–a Bixby original will be worth millions one day! Be sure to check out his new and improved website if you have a minute, to see more of his creations.


Over the past couple of years, I've taken some trips to the New England Aquarium in Boston, either for fun, or to take reference shots for Down East in the Ocean (which was also still fun, of course). Though penguins have yet to be the subject matter of any of my books or illustration jobs, I still spend way too much time at the penguin area of the aquarium every time. It takes all my will not to climb the barrier and go try to hug and pat them, but I could just watch them for hours and take lots of photos. This first one above was one of our favorites on a trip that I took for "Down East" with a couple friends. He was one badass little penguin, definitely the king of that sprinkler, and wasn't afraid to let everyone know it…it was pretty comical, at least to us.

I mean, it's just begging for a hug, right?


Here's a Christmas card that I got from my sister a while back and hung on to. I really love the simplicity of the illustration here, such a great style and design.

 Simple and charming.


Below is the piece that prompted me to do a penguin-post today! Illustrator Will Terry's "Penguin Party", digital illustration. He had posted this to his blog a few months ago and well, of course, I fell in love with it. Look at the light and those textures, not to mention the composition! 
All of his work is incredible, you must see!

Copyright © Will Terry 2012

And another illustrator who got in on the World Penguin Day action, Hazel Mitchell, who's whimsical illustrations are always so sweet and full of life!
Copyright © Hazel Mitchell 2012


Even our Riley girl loves penguins…

…and by love, I mean she loves chewing on their faces.

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