Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's "Look at My Fabulous Friends Friday!"

It's that time again! Time for you to meet another of my wonderfully talented friends! There are so many to pick from, and this week goes to my favorite little printmaker--Erin Jenkins!
"Sun Globes" Copyright © Erin Jenkins 2011

Another UHA alum, Erin came to Maine for a short vacation last weekend, so we got to catch up on life and art, after several years of busy opposite schedules. AND I bought a "Sun Globes" print from her current, beautiful, solo show, "Carved" which is up at Silo gallery in New Milford, CT. I absolutely love my new yellow print, it's graphic and delicate design makes me feel so cheerful when I look at it...I can't wait to get a frame and find a home for it on my wall!

Original wood blocks from the "Carved" show series. I love seeing the wood blocks and how these are displayed. The whole process is such an art in itself.

Copyright © Erin Jenkins 2011

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