Friday, August 12, 2011

"Look at My Fabulous Friends Friday!"

I've decided to keep you all entertained and spread the love of art & interesting things by posting links, photos, info, whatever I feel like, of friends and fellow artists, and maybe even strangers whose work I just admire, for you to discover and enjoy! 

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incase you miss one or want to go get more info :)

Support the arts, people!


Image copyright © Katelyn Hyman 2011

First up! My dear friend Kate Hyman, one of my college roomies at the University of Hartford '07, and an incredible photographer who specializes in food photography, landscape photography and retouching. Her home base in in New York City, where she's worked with a wide variety of clients, many of which are large well known brands. She is also available for freelance work. 

Image copyright © Katelyn Hyman 2011

Image copyright © Katelyn Hyman 2011

(She's also a damn good cook and should one day open a doggy day care.)

Visit her website here to see more of her work:

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