Monday, October 24, 2011

Current Book Project

I thought I'd share a little bit of the cover from the newest children's book that I'm working on at the moment. Just a little taste, since the cover hasn't been finished by the publisher's designer at this point, and I want to share that when it's in full effect. But, since we still don't even have a title, I'm thinking it may be a while on that one! So here's a little sliver of my latest work!

(Stippled in Sepia ink with watercolor.)

And a BIG thanks to my beautiful long distance model, Lily, 
and her talented--and patient--photographer for the day, Julie, for helping me capture the lovely reference shots for this piece!

Side note: Technology is a wonderful thing. I was able to watch the "photo shoot" via Skype on their iPhone, while Julie snapped the photos on another camera and showed me the images on the phone as they went. Directing a shoot in a back yard in California from my desk in Maine. Good stuff.
 Thank you, Steve Jobs.

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