Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fabulous Friends Friday, October!

October edition!  And O is for....
"Island Friends" © Olga Levitskiy 2011
Olga Levitskiy is an incredible illustrator whose work I simply adore. Based in New Jersey, and another fellow Hartford Art School Alumni, Olga's drawings and paintings are always so full of character, warmth and charm. She has two published children's books, "Mr. Groundhog Wants the Day Off" and "Team Dawg: Trevor's Bully Problem". She covers a wide range of subject matter and styles, from cozy and comical little characters, to perfected figure and anatomy studies. You may even recognize her work from the winning image for a recent Strathmore drawing paper pad competition!

I went out and bought three of them!

© Olga Levitskiy 2011
Yup. I'm a big Olga fan.

Be sure to check out her website here, as well as her latest endeavor, LLC Events (party planning, invitations, decoration, etc)!

Visit her website here to see more of her work:

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