Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holy Cuteness Overload, Batman!

Recently I've been trying to be better about getting healthy and have been going on more walks with Riley.  Last Friday, I really didn't feel like it because it was super hot outside and I had lots to do that day, but I made myself get up and go. I'm so glad that I did, because I had the cutest encounter with an adorable and talented budding little artist.

I was walking the dog through some quiet nearby neighborhoods and came across a little boy, I'm guessing 5 or 6 years old or so. He was sitting in his front yard, with his sunglasses on, a little table and chair and a big box on the table, and he was saying "((something)) for sale", very quietly. I assumed lemonade. I thought, aw man, I wish I had some money, I am thirsty! But as I got closer I saw that he was selling something much more unique—his art.  I stopped for a second and wished him luck, as I had no money on me during my walk, and he said thanks and continued his whispering call of "art for sale!" to the neighborhood block... which at the time consisted of just me and my dog, for as far as I could see. 

So as I walked for another hour or so back home, I just kept thinking of how adorable and committed this kid was. First of all, to have the guts to set up shop and show people you're art is intimidating even as an adult! And to be sitting out there in the 85° afternoon? What a little trooper. I got home, sweaty and tired, but decided I just wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't check the change jar and drive back to try and find the house. I debated it, wondering if it would be silly of me to go back, and thinking he's probably not still out there in the heat an hour later, but off I went, and there he was! In the car I quickly signed a copy of My Maine, from one artist to another, along with some coloring page activities from the book, and a dollar. I took my pick from the coloring book pages (ranging from 13¢, 23¢ up to 101¢) and decided I must have that 101¢ prized masterpiece, which was the only free-hand drawing (he let me have it for 100¢).

He was so sweet, and his mother was so lovely, watching from inside to give him his independence. She and I chatted for a minute (I wanted to make sure she knew it wasn't a stranger danger situation!), I shook his hand, thanked him for my new art, and went on my way. 

I don't really know why I'm sharing the whole story with you all. It just totally made my day. I hope it made him feel good, too, to make a sale! Hooray for future budding artists :)

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