Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Survey

My Facebook page and the "Children's Books" page of my website now have a new feature. You'll find a short little survey (look for the green monkey ears in the FB tabs, and on the website is just under the listing of books) where you can either simply send me a comment, question, or feedback, or use it to request things like getting the book(s) in a location near you or arranging/requesting a book signing in a particular store/event/location. I'm hoping it will open up new communications and connections with folks from all over, as well as throughout Maine. People will often mention, "I was in the greatest coastal shop in ______ called ______, you're work would be great there!", so it'll make it easy to let me know if you have any suggestions, and the sales reps and I can take care of the leg work. This goes, too, for out of state locations or events that might be off my radar. 

I should mention, as well, that most any locally owned book store (meaning not the big chains) will generally order any book that a customer requests. So always feel free to ask someone to put in a special order for you! It's good for the book store, too, because they might not have heard of the title, and it'll give them an opportunity to carry it.

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